wpid 1300140734 picsay 1300140734   Eggs, turkey sausage, and  roasted veggies

Somehow, I got my hands on the veggies packs (http://www.youblogwhatyoueat.com/food/grilled-veggie-packets-and-meats-with-mango-pineapple-salsa/) and I used the leftovers to make breakfast. Add 2 eggs, over medium, and turkey sausage links. One bowl. GO IN!!!

Sweet potato, fresh rosemary, garlic, tossed in olive oil with salt and pepper

Chinese broccoli and Swiss chard, butter, salt, pepper, garlic, leek, rosemary, balsamic

Broccoli, butter, garlic, leek, salt, pepper, fresh Thai basil

Green beans, garlic, leek, olive oil, fresh rosemary, salt, pepper, balsamic

March 15, 2011