I made this one one when I was craving dessert and had limited ingredients to make anything.

-Frozen strawberries (I used this but you could substitute any frozen fruit like blueberries or raspberries)
-Milk, cream, or half and half. All I had was half and half but if you wanted creamier you could use whipping cream or Missy would use almond milk 🙂

Using a food processor, add strawberries until finely chopped. Blend in sugar. Then, slowly add half and half or other cream until smooth and well blended. Dessert is done!

It’s best to put in freezer for a few minutes. If you have extra it would keep for a few days in the freezer in an airtight container. We couldn’t wait so ate as is and it was a little more like a milkshake consistency but that’s how I like my ice cream so it worked. I also garnished mine with low fat cool whip and a fresh strawberry. Vit doesn’t even like dessert and asked for seconds!

droid pics 185 300x224   5 min frozen strawberry dessert

April 29, 2011