This one is just too easy.. I had some leftover sushi for lunch which would never have possibly been enough to fill me up, so I went for my go-to snack of edamame.    I buy bags of frozen raw edamame in the pod from H-Mart in catonsville for $1 a bag.  They say it is 5.5 servings with 100 calories per serving.  I can chow through a whole bag in 3 servings.  I don’t see this as a problem because it’s a filling and healthy snack, especially compared to many alternatives.

You can make edamame at your office if you have a) a freezer and b) a microwave.  You also need water, but I’m hoping you have that.

1) Pour as much as you want (in pods) into a microwave-safe bowl, and at least cover that amount with water.  I mostly-cover the bowl with another plate and pop the whole thing in the microwave for 4 minutes on high.  You might need 5 depending on your microwave.

2) Carefully drain the edamame because the steam can burn you (STEAM BURNS HURT 🙁 🙁 )

3) (two choices)

  • OPTION A:  Usually I toss the pods with sea salt and then squeeze the beans out with my teeth for salty deliciousness.  However, someone in my office went to town on my salt stash and failed to replace it, so I tried something different:
  • OPTION B (shown below):  Take wasabi powder/paste/leftover wasabi already mixed from the sushi you are about to eat, and combine it with a little soy sauce.  Squeeze the beans out of the pods into the sauce, and eat with a spoon or fork.  YUM.  Good sushi leftover side dish and/or random midday snack.
wpid 1302111765797   Snack! Wasabi soy edamame

Snack size.. about 1.5 servings of edamame probably, according to the packaging


wpid 1302111847254   Snack! Wasabi soy edamame

ZOOMED IN wasabi soy edamame.

April 6, 2011