Portobello Mushroom Pizza

I saw this idea in a magazine.  I had to try it because I love pizza!  Now I can make my pizza and eat it too,  without guilt!

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Wash mushrooms and remove center stem.

SANY0002 300x225   Portobello Mushroom Pizza


Fill the inside with sauce,  cheese and veggies of your choice.   I made this batch with spinach, broccoli, green peppers and fresh mozzarella.

SANY0003 300x225   Portobello Mushroom Pizza


Bake for 15 minutes.  Then enjoy!

SANY0004 300x225   Portobello Mushroom Pizza


Guilt-free pizza!  So easy and fast.

March 29, 2011
Food, Recipe


Gnocci & Vegan Sausage

wpid 2011 03 22 18 19 30 461   Gnocci & Vegan Sausage

Half package of pre-cooked gnocci (w/ cheese or whatever else you like)
1 vegan sausage link
1/3 can of tomato& basil tomato sauce
1 cup fresh spinach
1 head broccoli
2tbsp olive oil

Cook gnocci per package directions. Cook sausage, broccoli (u can steam this earlier if u have time and like ur broccoli more cooked), spinach in olive oil over med hi heat. Add salt&  pepper to taste. Drain gnocci. Add tomato sauce and sausage mix. Serve hot.

March 22, 2011
Food, Recipe