Orange Glazed Lamp Chops

Orange marinating lamb chops 225x300   Orange Glazed Lamp Chops

Orange-marinating lamb chops

Inspired by another post by a good friend, Dinner Party: summer rolls, snails, smoked trout, shrimp, lamb loin chops and potatoes, and driven by a budget that cannot use generous amounts of Grand Marnier, I decided to try my own orange glazed lamb chops.

This marinade was easy.

2 medium/large lamb chops
2 tbsp olive oil
a handful of fresh rosemary
1 tbsp hot sesame oil (this will vary depending on your taste buds. It packs a punch)
2 cloves garlic
1/2 cup chopped leek
juice from a 1/2 orange (save the other half for the cooking stage)

marinating lamb chops 300x225   Orange Glazed Lamp Chops

marinating lamb chops

Combine all of the ingredients in a covered shallow dish. Evenly distribute the ingredients on the meat and shake the container. Re-rub-shake every 15-20 minutes for about an hour.

After about an hour, your meat is probably room temperature, and ready for the frying pan. I’m still learning lamb, but I think my method is working. I turned my burner on high. No oil was needed in the pan because I used it in the marinade.

I seared each chop for about one minute on each side. Then I turned the burner down to medium and cooked them for 5-7 minutes on each side. For the last turn, squeeze the juice from the other half of the orange. “They” say you should let the meat sit for five minutes before you cut into it. Again, I’m new with lamb, but the meal was phenomenal. See for yourself 😉

orange marinated lamb with roasted veggies 300x225   Orange Glazed Lamp Chops

orange-marinated lamb with roasted veggies



August 4, 2011
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Dinner Party: summer rolls, snails, smoked trout, shrimp, lamb loin chops and potatoes

Had a dinner party for 9 people last weekend. Fine wine and dine with some fine people in my life 🙂

I’ve never had endives before. They are bitter in its raw form. For pairing I chose basil and tomato, just to play it safe. Who doesn’t like a classic combination? And because I had a mixed crowd of meat eaters, seafood eaters and a muslim, I had to come up with a combination appetizers to please the crowd. Hence there were a plate of basil tomato smoked trout on endive and a plate of basil tomato pancetta on endive. Besides those, I also threw in some mini vietnamese summer rolls in there to ‘borrow time’ (cooking main courses!). Earlier on that day, I came across some cute little snails on sale at H mart. I had to try them and make the dinner a little exotic AND of course I had 4 newcomers to my dinner party…so I felt like shocking them with some snails!

Main courses of the night were Malaysian/Singaporean (even this Malaysian is confused about the originality of this dish lah) chilli shrimps or other Chinese/Hongkongese call it ketchup shrimps. The other main course served was Grand Marnier rack of lamb cooked to medium raw…medium, in my twist of my own ‘angry sauce’. I grew up eating lamb with a hint of orange and I think they make a great combination as you know how gamey lamb could get. Orange mellows the lamb-yness down a notch.

Some people missed dessert. Nothing particularly special…just some oranges (duh!) and red bean mochi ice cream.



May 2, 2011