The Perfect Salad (Chicken and Tuna Style)

I love chicken/tuna salad. Mom makes her tuna salad with relish, eggs, mayo, onions, Lawry’s, Garlic Powder and a little bit of celery. I love her recipe. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods.

I wanted to be more original and find veggies and new flavors. Here are a few suggestions!

Chicken Salad

If you have chicken breasts or access to a whole chicken (and the patience to clean the carcass), they make for the best salad. Canned varieties are okay, but they lack adequate flavor.

I had a lunch container with chicken from dinner last night and no fixins 🙁 I even got a baguette from Atwater’s. I had to do something for lunch. The salad bar at work has good variety so I got creative.

chixsalad1 150x150   The Perfect Salad (Chicken and Tuna Style)

Salad Bar Chicken Salad w/ Baquette

Salad Bar
I added marinated mushrooms and the three bean salad 🙂 Horseradish!!!





Apple Curry
At home, I made a version with apple, red bell pepper, curry seasoning, salt, pepper, and a little bit of mayonnaise. I ate this in some endive leaves 🙂 Mmmm 🙂

currychik 150x150   The Perfect Salad (Chicken and Tuna Style)

Apple Curry Chicken Salad

Tuna Salad

tunasld2 150x150   The Perfect Salad (Chicken and Tuna Style)

Tuna Salad Sandwich with Roasted Veggies

I made a tuna salad sandwich the other night with shredded carrot, ginger, leek, thai basil, salt, pepper, and a little mayo 🙂 It was a great main dish with the Carrot Ginger White Bean Soup 🙂

I’ve done tuna salad with my mom’s recipe, but I used wasabi mayo instead of Hellmann’s. So delicious!!


More than just sandwiches, you can eat your salad over crackers, endive, leafy greens, or all alone. I saw a recipe for tuna salad with hummus and tabbouleh. Mayo is not the most healthy condiment. Experiment with different flavors. Mash avocado!

How do you make your chicken/tuna salad?

April 7, 2011


E-Z Dumpling Salad


This salad is  E-Z because you use pre-made dumplings instead of making your own.  (I used the frozen vegetable dumplings from Trader Joe’s.)   You could also make Not-So-E-Z Dumpling Salad by choosing to craft your own dumplings from scratch.


2011 03 31 18 30 40 204 300x298   E Z Dumpling Salad

slice up some veggies


Step 2:

2011 03 31 18 32 07 578 300x199   E Z Dumpling Salad

steaming some dumplings


Step 3:

2011 03 31 18 36 21 677 300x199   E Z Dumpling Salad

Tamari sauce, agave nectar, white balsamic, sriracha hot sauce


Step 4:

2011 03 31 18 41 11 225 300x200   E Z Dumpling Salad

You eat! You blog!



HINT: You can either dip the dumplings into the dumpling sauce, or use the sauce like salad dressing

ANOTHER HINT: I don’t really have a recipe for dumpling sauce except for this:  mix together a little bit of something vinegary, a little bit of something sweet (juice, honey, sugar, agave, etc), a little bit of something hot, and something soy-saucey.  Sometimes I dilute the sauce with a few splashes of water or mirin if the flavor is too INTENSE.

HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER: Pan frying the dumplings positively increases the taste, texture, appearance, and fat content of the dish.  Thai basil and fresh mint would add  leafy delight and sliced daikon would provide sweet/hot crunchiness.

April 5, 2011