Try it with Almond Milk

Try it with Almond milk ūüôā

For years, I have struggled with my lactose intolerance ūüôĀ Without sharing all of the ugly details, I’ll just say that¬†drinking milk causes some¬†intense gastrointestinal issues.

Because I switched to almond milk, I can enjoy cereal and coffee without bloating and painful stomach issues. Almond milk doesn’t give your coffee the same creamy color as a few splashes of half and half, but it suffices as a milk substitute and it adds¬†a sweet and nutty natural flavor to any dish. I find it much tastier than soy milk. It’s not chalky. It’s super creamy and it serves well in a variety of dishes when a recipe calls for milk or¬†in a glass alongside a delicious sweet treat like cookies or a pastry. I also bake with it. I’ve used almond milk to make vegan alfredo sauce and ice cream.

food 300x225   Try it with Almond Milk

Try it with Almond milk! (or coconut milk!)



Do your research. Some people prefer soy milk and rice milk. I’ve heard about oat milk and hemp milk. They other night, I tried coconut milk in a recipe with a friend. If you have an allergy to dairy products and are searching for milk substitutes, these healthy alternatives¬†might be worth the inquiry.

April 19, 2011
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Granola and Blueberries with Almond Milk

I am a granola head. Call me a hippy or whatever you like, but I love granola. I’m always looking for a new brand, especially one that isn’t too sweet or high in calories. I get really excited when there is a good grain:fruit:nut ratio. Right now, I’m diggin on the Cascadian Farm granola cereals!

This wasn’t breakfast. I had a bowl of granola and blueberries drowned in Silk almond milk for an afternoon snack.

p.s. Almond Milk is my new favorite. For years, I experienced “issues” (I’ll spare the details) because of my allergy to lactose. I love cereal and milk and I didn’t want to eliminate my favorite snack/meal from my diet. I switched to almond milk and now I can destroy massive amounts of healthy cereals with a healthy alternative, and without the terrible side effects ūüôā

blubergran 300x225   Granola and Blueberries with Almond Milk

Granola Cereal and Blueberries with Almond Milk

March 23, 2011