20110501 082255   Beer can chicken

This upright chicken roaster for the grill has been in the cabinet for at least 3 years in its original box. Since we got a new grill a month ago we decided to try this gadget out. We won it in a Crockpot Cookoff at my work as the prize for best soup/stew – my husband’s prized Brunswick stew recipe 🙂

The whole process is simple. Preheat your grill. Get a chicken, a can of the beer of your choice, herbs, aromatics, lemon, whatever. Open beer can and put it in the center cylinder. You can add seasonings to the beer if you like. Add the cone piece over the cylinder/beer. Season the outside of the chicken, and put the chicken’s cavity on the cone so it’s upright. Then arrange the vegetables, herbs, etc. on the tray around the chicken. Grill on indirect heat at 400-450 degrees for about an hour – check the temperature of the meat. Enjoy some of the moistest chicken ever!

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