So I started my garden about a month ago.. With 3 (4’x4’x8″) raised cedar garden beds (no leeching of pressure treated wood chemicals into my soil!), some, organic garden soil, organic soil conditioner with a high humus content, and peat moss mixed into some of my existing, very clay-like soil.  I also fixed up my original flower bed that’s about 5’x5′ and have some smaller garden boxes along side my house and deck containing various flowers / plants / edibles.

I’ve only planted a few things so far but I started a lot of seeds indoors and plan to buy a few more plants to round out the gardens.  I still need cucumbers, chili peppers and jalapenos, kale/swiss chard (might be too late though..) and yellow squash. I’ll update every now and then but here’s what I’ve got so far.

I’ve also been gifted two blueberry bushes 🙂 of different varieties for better pollination, and I have a raspberry bush I bought.  As of yet I can’t figure out where to put them.. in the front yard where I have space but hoodlums can steal my berries?? OR in the back yard where I’m pretty much out of sunny spots to plant.. HM!!

Herbs: Thai basil, basil, oregano, dill
Vegetables: zucchini, delicata squash, mixed bell peppers
Fruit: Cherry& heirloom tomatoes
Flowers: Nasturtium, marigold, some unidentified flower from a friend

Planted this season so far:
Vegetables: Sugar snap peas, garden peas, broccoli, spinach, mixed fancy lettuce, radishes
Fruit: strawberries

Returning Perennials:
Herbs: Rosemary, parsley, sage, mint
Flowers: mums, creeping purple flowers, some yellow wild flower

New plants that still need to be put in the ground:
Fruit: raspberries & blueberries (not in the ground yet)
Herbs: basil

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