I’ve had a well-marbled, naturally-raised strip steak almost two inches thick sitting in my fridge for close to a week.   Finally, the weather has decided to cooperate on an evening when I don’t have a prior commitment, so I was able to fire up the coals and “get my grill on” for the first time this year.

I prepped the steak by trimming the excess fat and rubbing it with olive oil, salt, fresh ground pepper, and a secret blend of over 40 powdered hot peppers.  Tastes in steak vary, and I usually go for medium-rare, but I opted for “extremely rare” because I could barely wait to taste it.  Plus, I was indulging the apex-predator/grilling-carnivore aspect of my nature, so it seemed appropriate that the meat be more than a little on the red side.  To add a little extra dash of savory goodness to the final presentation, I topped the finished steak with a dollop of black truffle butter.

20110418 003 300x225   The Steak Stands Alone

A steak this good deserves to stand proudly and confidently alone on the plate, as if defiantly declaring, “I don’t need any help to be delicious!”  Let it rest there for a few minutes to admire it, and to let the temperature even out.

I recommend enjoying it on its own and then squaring out the meal with sides only after the steak has received the respect it deserves.  A great side to consider as we enter the warm months is some zucchini or summer squash split lengthwise, drizzled with olive oil and pepper, then grilled alongside the steak.  I, however, just washed mine back with some beer.  Heavy Seas Märzen, in case you’re curious.

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