This was a dinner based on ‘what’s left in the fridge’.  It turned out pretty tasty, though the scallops/swiss chard were a little too salty for me.  The other issue was that there was a wide range of cooking times required for the veggies to roast to the proper tenderness and instead of caring, everything just went into one pan.

This is:

Sweet potato, carrots, zucchini, kohlrabi, diced leek and large chunks of garlic tossed in a little olive oil with salt/pepper, oregano, basil, and fresh rosemary, then roasted in the oven until done / until we got too hungry to care.  Pretty good!   It needed to have the kohlrabi replaced with fennel or anise (YUM, try that roasted) and the carrots were lackluster, but the zucchini and sweet potatoes were delicious as always.

Then, a whole pack of scallops were sauteed in a little butter and white wine with garlic, ginger, and leek.  Five large stalks of colorful swiss chard were added, and this cooked down significantly.  I think maybe it was salty because I salted the dish before seeing how much the swiss chard cooked down…

This was seasoned with fresh lemon, salt and pepper only.  There ended up being a fair amount of liquid in the pan as these cooked… probably from the swiss chard.  It was red, which was fun, because of the stalks…. so I added a tiny bit of cornstarch to thicken the liquid and sprinkled parmesan cheese on top (salt factor?)

In the end it turned out pretty good, pretty easy.. and the greens mixture went well mixed with the roasted veggies, and evened out the saltiness.


mms picture   Roasted Veggies and Sauteed Scallops with Swiss chard
Roasted Veggies and sauteed scallops with swiss chard




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