I’m back again for another breakfast post. I think I’m gonna do a series of breakfast sandwiches. Pics will be added as I make the creations.

Here is my Portobello, Tomato, and Egg White Sandwich!!

2 portobello mushroom pieces. (If the slices are more than a 1/4 inch thick, cut them in half, lengthwise)
2 tomato slices
3 egg whites (you can use 1-2 eggs)
2 slices of bread (I used Ancient Grains)
thinly sliced feta
olive oil or butter

Heat olive oil, butter, or non stick cooking spray in 2 small skillets over medium high heat. Start your bread in the toaster. In one pan, cook your egg white. I folded mine to fit the bread slice.  Place the sliced mushrooms in a pan and brown them on each side, 1 minute per side. If you want warm tomato, you can do the same with your slices. Once the egg, mushroom, and toast are done, make your sandwich. Mine was built as follows: Bread, feta, egg, tomato, mushroom. Salt, pepper as needed.

porttomeggsand 300x225   Portobello, Tomato, and Egg White Breakfast Sandwich

Portobello, Tomato, and Egg White Sandwich










I always ask myself, “What can I do next time?”

– add fresh herbs (basil, cilantro)
– spread salsa, veggie cream cheese, or a Greek yogurt spread on the bread
– grill or toast the sandwich
More to follow!!

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