Delicious spread, also good as a dip.
I never seem to buy tahini.. but I have made a ‘hummus’ spread on many occasions, though the taste is a slightly different.

Here’s how:

1 can (15 oz) no salt added chick peas (drained/rinsed)

1/2 lemon (juiced)
2-3 clovers garlic, diced
hot sesame oil
1/4 C toasted sesame seeds
1 Tbsp olive oil

Fresh thai basil
Thyme leaves


IMG 0828 300x225   No Tahini hummus

Toasted chickpeas


Toast drained chickpeas in a pan with a little bit of hot sesame oil and diced garlic for 5 or so minutes
Pour sesame seeds into a food processor and blend until very fine / powder-like
Add toasted chickpeas/garlic to the processor, and remaining spices, oil, and lemon.
Add a tablespoon of water at a time to the mixture until it blends evenly

This hummus will be spicy and thicker/less creamier than store bought, but it was delicious as a spread on a roasted veggie sandwich!!

IMG 0830 300x225   No Tahini hummus

Chickpea spread


Eat this on a roasted veggie sandwich!! YUM

{March 29, 2011}