Sort of like an Indian saag… in that there are lots of greens in this dish.. but it fills out to a full meal when adding jasmine rice, kidney beans, and tri-color peppers!


One bunch swiss chard
1/2 bunch Dandelion greens
2-3 cups chopped bell peppers
Minced leek and garlic (as much as you want!)
Fresh diced ginger (again, as much as you want!)
1-2 cups uncooked jasmine rice
Curry powder, paprika, garam masala, fresh cilantro, fresh Thai basil, salt, pepper

Optional: sauteed chicken or tofu (or other meat/meatless protein) in hot chili and/or sesame oil with the above spices, garlic and leek, sesame seeds, etc.

Add rice and water to a rice cooker as per the usual ratios (1:2), then add greens, peppers, and beans.  Add a little extra water and start the cooker.  As the greens wilt a bit, push them further into the pot and add more water as necessary to keep the contents cooking but not swimming.  (Approximately an extra 2 cups)

Add spices to taste.

Saute garlic, ginger, and leek, (keep some aside and saute with your meat or tofu as well, simultaneously).
Add garlic/ginger/leek to the rice cooker.

You may need to set the rice cooker back to ‘cook’ several times if it pops up to ‘warm’, or do this all in a pot on the stove if you prefer.  Continue stirring until everything is cooked through.. shouldn’t take more than 20 or so minutes.

Top with fresh Thai basil and cilantro, and optionally meat or tofu.
YUM! Makes 5-6 large servings.

wpid 2011 03 14 22 00 29 141   Indian rice and beans with greens and peppers

Topped with tofu

wpid 2011 03 14 22 04 43 977   Indian rice and beans with greens and peppers

Rice, beans, tri color peppers, dandelion and swiss chard greens!

wpid mms95picture 8   Indian rice and beans with greens and peppers

Topped with fresh Thai basil and cilantro! Fresh herbs make all the difference.

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