I used to work at a local college and one of my favorite cafeteria dishes was the “Asian Noodle Bowl.” It’s fairly simple. Pick your noodle (or not), pick your veggies, pick your protein (or not), and pick your herbs/garnishes.

At home, I make the same thing. I start with rice stick noodles. They are almost translucent and about the length of a pencil. There are also vermicelli (angel hair) varieties and I love the wide rice noodles. Any pasta, or rice will work.

On this evening, I used colorful veggies (tri color pepper strips, yellow squash, carrot), mushrooms and kale. I also diced some ginger and garlic. At my old job, I would add spinach, bok choy, or cabbage.

I boiled the pasta and when it had about a minute left, I added the veggies and ginger. I brought them to a rolling boil for about a minute and then poured them into a strainer.

In another pan, I sautéed ginger, garlic, leek, diced chicken breasts (seasoned with salt, pepper, and hot sesame oil) and black beans from a can (drain half of the liquid from the can. Use the rest for sauce).

The picture shows the noodles and veggies on the bottom, chicken and black beans for the second layer, and then a garnish of thai basil, cilantro, lime, and snow pea shoots (for a cold crunchy addition)

noodlebowl 300x225   Asian Noodle Bowl

Asian Noodle Bowl

. I added soy sauce and hot sauce.

It wasn’t as good as the ones in the cafeteria. They had a bunch of garnishes; chilli oil, roasted garlic oil, chicken broth, vegetable broth and asian sauces. All are great for more robust flavor. Overall, I was happy with the dish and it made for good leftovers at work the next afternoon. Try this at home. It’s fairly easy and you can customize everyone’s bowl with different spices and garnish.

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